Ongoing Research Projects

K02 DA033139 Copenhaver (PI) 05/12/16-01/28/17
Title: Adapting and testing an evidence-based bio-behavioral intervention targeting high-risk drug users in treatment.
Description: A formative research to adapt an evidence-based behavioral intervention that incorporates tools specifically designed to accommodate the disruptive impact that neurocognitive impairment (NCI) may have on HIV risk reduction behavior and medication adherence among high risk people who use drugs (PWUDs).
Role: Student Investigator (Dissertation Project)


UConn CHIP Seed Grant Shrestha (PI) 05/01/14-04/30/16
Title: Developing an evidence-based intervention targeting high-risk migrant workers.
Description: A formative research study as a means to guide adaptation and refinement of the original Holistic Health Recovery Program (HHRP) such that it will be optimally designed for implementation with high-risk migrant workers in Nepal.
Role: Principal Investigator


R01 DA032290 Copenhaver (PI) 04/11/12-03/31/17
Title: Secondary HIV prevention and adherence among drug users.
Description: RCT comparative effectiveness trial to test the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of an adapted, brief, version of an evidence-based intervention (EBI) called Holistic Health for HIV (3H+) vs. the original EBI – Holistic Health Recovery Program for HIV+ drug users (HHRP+).
Role: Research Assistant II


K02 DA033139 Copenhaver (PI)  04/11/12-03/31/18
Title: HIV prevention and adherence among priority drug using populations.
Description: To support a range of activities that will collectively improve the development of HIV prevention and adherence intervention approaches targeting drug users nationally and internationally.
Role: Research Assistant II